Friday, 8 July 2011

So Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!

I realise i haven't posted in about two months. First i had my school exams, then my speech exams, and then my drama exam. But i think i've just been putting posting off the past few weeks, because i don't want to! I't become sort of like work. I started this blog for fun, but now that its got boring, i don't think i want to do it any more!

i'm really sorry to ilv123 and elliotjones1, but i might come on sometimes if i have nothing to do.
But i will no longer be an official writer for this blog.
If they have any problems with this blog then they can tell me and i can fix it, and they are free to stop posting any time they like, but if they still enjoy posting then i think they should do it, but it's up to them.


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